An international program committee (IPC), including distinguished colleagues from all over the world, will support ISEE 2019. The IPC is subdivided in the following sub-committees:

  • THEMATIC POSTER SESSIONS (TPS); responsible for organizing the abstracts allocated to the TPS into coherent sessions, and for selecting posters deserving a ‘best poster’ award.
  • POSTER DISCUSSION SESSIONS (PDS); responsible for selecting, organizing and chairing discussions of related posters in conference venue areas set aside for this specific purpose.
  • PARALLEL ORAL PRESENTATION SESSIONS (PAR); responsible for selecting and organizing abstracts to be allocated to PAR sessions.
  • SYMPOSIA (SYM); responsible for selecting proposals for Symposia, Early Morning Sessions and Pre-Conference Workshops.
  • KEYNOTES AND OVER ALL PROGRAM COMMITTEE (KEY); responsible for identifying and selecting keynote speakers for the three Plenary Sessions, and for the overall balance of the Conference Program.


International Program Committee

Thematic Poster Sessions

  • Gueladio Cissè, Switzerland
  • Nicole Janssen, The Netherlands
  • Adetoun Mustapha, Nigeria
  • Tim Nawrot, Belgium
  • Tamara Schikowski, Germany
  • Alexandra Schneider, Germany
  • Lidwien Smit, The Netherlands
  • Cristina Villaneuva, Spain

Poster Discussion Sessions

  • Audrey de Nazelle, United Kingdom
  • Barbara Hoffmann, Germany
  • Perry Hystad, United States of America
  • Erik Melen, Sweden
  • Erik Tielemans, The Netherlands
  • Mireille Toledano, United Kingdom
  • Jelle Vlaanderen, The Netherlands
  • Gregory A. Wellenius, United States of America
  • Moniek Zuurbier, The Netherlands
  • Paul Scheepers, The Netherlands

Parallel Oral Presentation Sessions

  • Kalpana Balakrishnan, India
  • Mike Brauer, Canada
  • Wei Huang, China
  • Anke Huss, The Netherlands
  • Francine Laden, United States of America
  • Erik Lebret, The Netherlands
  • Marie Pedersen, Denmark
  • Lucas Neas, United States of America
  • Audrey Smargiassi, Canada
  • George Thurston, United States of America


  • Zorana Andersen, Denmark
  • Nelson Gouveia, Brazil
  • Philippe Grandjean, Denmark
  • Evi Samoli, Greece
  • David A. Savitz, United States of America
  • Rémy Slama, France
  • Roel Vermeulen, The Netherlands
  • Danielle Vienneau, Switzerland

Keynotes and over all program committee

  • Zorana Andersen, Denmark
  • Hanna Boogaard, United States of America
  • Francesco Forastiere, Italy
  • Bin Jalaludin, Australia
  • Ana Maria Mora, Costa Rica
  • Beate Ritz, United States of America
  • Peter van den Hazel, The Netherlands
  • Veronica Vieira, United States of America
  • Manolis Kogevinas, Spain
  • Marc Weisskopf, United States of America